The "Companies" dashboard to facilitate your employers' relations


In the Statistics module, the "Companies" dashboard is there to facilitate your relations with your partner companies and to provide you with decision support.


The questions it addresses are the following:

  • How many jobs and events has the company posted?
  • When do jobs and events perform best?
  • How well do the company's jobs perform compared to other companies'?

In addition,

  • By using the table with two different filters, you can compare two or several employers (in the same sector for instance), or one employer against all others
  • You can also use this dashboard to analyze the performance of all jobs in relation to their different dimensions (functions, types of contracts, etc.)


Getting started

This dashboard is available in the Statistics module - "Companies" tab.


By default, the dates are configured on the current academic year, but you can set them up however you like.

The dashboard uses 3 different data sources. To select a company you must - on each of the 3 filters, - click on the selector, uncheck the existing values by clicking on "All", type the first letters of the company and then select the different corresponding entities in the list.

By default, the jobs from the JobTeaser Network are included, but you can exclude them.



The first section includes those key metrics:

  • The number of followers of the company
  • The number of views of the company pages
  • The number of events and the number of registrations to these events
  • The number of jobs and the number of clicks on "Apply"



The second section displays the performance of jobs and events over time.



The third and last section is dedicated to the analysis of the jobs' performance: they are sorted according to the average number of applications per job.




Use cases

For an employer,

What indication can I have about the attractivity of a company among students?

In the first section, you can see the visibility of a company along 3 axes: the number of views and followers, the number of registrations to events, and the number of applications. The most interesting thing is to compare this data between different companies in the same sector, or with similar jobs.

What indication can I have about the best month to organize an event?

In the second section, you can compare the number of applications received and the number of events per month. The month before the peak of applications is normally a good indicator of success to maximize the number of applications.

What indication can I have about the most in-demand jobs?

In the third section, in relation to the different jobs posted, the third (dark blue) bar shows the average number of applications per job. The higher the number, the higher the demand.

Note that the distribution of applications per job is not necessarily uniform, so it is sometimes useful to analyze the applications on the jobs module, or with the help of the job export.


For my career service,

What indication can I have on the best month to post an offer?

In the second section, by selecting a previous academic year, you can see the number of applications per month. Ideally, the number of jobs per month should be consistent with the number of applications. Note that the majority of applications is made within the first 7 days.

What indication can I have about the job categories "in need" of more private jobs?

For this, we advise you to select all companies in the settings, as well as to deselect the JobTeaser network jobs.

In the third section, the third bar (dark blue) shows the average number of applications per job for each item. The higher the number, the greater the tension. Therefore, we advise looking at the jobs with the highest average number of applications.

Note that applications are probably not evenly distributed between jobs. This could hide a tension on certain offers even for a job category with a low average number of applications. We advise you to deepen the information using the export or sorting by the number of applications in the offer module.


Questions / Answers

How do I export to PDF?

To download the dashboard in PDF format, click on the "Download" button at the bottom right, then select the "PDF" format.

Is it possible to exclude events and company pages from the JobTeaser network?

Currently, this is not implemented - you can only exclude the jobs - but we are working on it.

Where can I find the top 10 jobs of a company?

The information is not available directly in the module. However, you can access similar information in two places.

On the new jobs listing ("Jobs" module), you can filter by company and then sort by the number of applications. Furthermore, you can use the jobs export and sort it on Excel.

Following the arrival of this new table, what is then the use of the company filter in the "Jobs" tab?

In this set of graphs, you can find the exclusive content to your university, as well as the contribution of the JobTeaser network. The table can also show the distribution of a company's jobs according to their characteristics with several filters at your disposal.

Can I filter applications by course?

Yes. Now in Statistics module you can filter job ads by Courses. 

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