The JobTeaser Mobile App

Students can follow their career journey easily and right from their pocket with the JobTeaser app!

Overview (for Careers Services)



What functions does the app offer?

Easy sign-up

No matter if your institution provides an SSO connection or not - students can register via the app in only a few steps and have an account in your Career Center. 

All information is synchronised, meaning their search criteria, spoken languages, experiences and their CV, no matter if added via app or web, is available. We provide cross-platform use by design. 


Job search

On the app, you can find all the jobs of your Career Center. With the filters for partner or exclusive jobs, your students can also look for your institution's content specifically. 

Additionally, the app provides a personalised feed that learns with each interaction, to help students find the right job for them.

They can also save jobs to apply later (also via desktop), and consult their applications from the app.



In a dedicated section, all matching events are shown to your students, with the events recommended by you on the top. They can register via the app with their profile CV, manage their slots or unregister. If you host an online event, they can also join the meeting room right from their phone when the event starts.

To not forget about the event, they receive a notification 1 day before the event starts, next to their 24h and 1h reminder emails. 


Guidance Tests

We've also added our latest two Guidance Tests Freya and Marco to the student profile, so that they can take these tests and access the results from the app as well. 


Where can I download the app?

The mobile app can be found in the App Store and Google Play Store using the search term "JobTeaser".

You can download the mobile app via the following links and also integrate them in your material, along with the respective store logos: 

   App Store
   Google Play Store
  • We can also provide a QR code for the download. To get it, please reach out to your JobTeaser person of contact!
  • Please note, there is no back office to the app, it is only accessible in the student view.


How can I let students know about the app?

Please check our Communication Pack for the new academic year, where you will find additional material (dedicated slide in the presentation, store icons like above on kakemonos, QR code), but don't hesitate to download the app yourself to take screenshots with your uni logo and exclusive jobs!

As best practices for the communication, we recommend:

  • sending a dedicated email
  • adding the links above to your website
  • adding a link to your email signature

Frequent communication is key to raise awareness, so feel free to send a reminder email about the app a few months in to the new semester, or at relevant points in time for your students (before they are looking for an internship, before you are hosting a career fair, etc.)

For any further questions or feedback about the app, please reach out to your JobTeaser person of contact!

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