The New Jobs Back Office Module

As you can see from your Administrator account, we have developed a new Back Office module for the Jobs module which has been designed to help you to better manage the jobs coming from your partners with a simpler interface.

In addition to a better navigation, we have also added new features such as :

  • Assign jobs to you or your colleague and filter by assignee to introduce a validation workflow or review process, and know what has been assigned to you by others
  • Tag jobs from the JobTeaser Network, so it will be easier to highlight offers from JobTeaser partners present at your events
  • Filter by location, duration, industry
  • Perform bulk actions on up to 50 jobs
  • You can save your filter preferences via your browser bookmark, which you can then also share with your colleagues you can share link between you

Below are some of the key features to be able to help you out:

The Tags



As you can see in the screenshot above, each job will have different colour tags which represent different key parts of information about the job:

  • Purple: Who posted the job? Was it posted by a company admin or ‘Manually’ by one of the University administrators
  • Light Blue: The person who the job has been assigned to from your admin team
  • Light Green: Whether the job was posted by a partner or not
  • Yellow: If the job was posted by an alumni or current student
  • Dark Pink: If the job has been targeted towards certain courses
  • Light Pink: These are the personalised tags your university has in place

Filters and Sorting



By clicking on ‘More filters’ in the top right-hand corner, you will see an extensive list of filters which you can now use to find a specific type of job you were looking for:


There is also the option to sort the jobs in a different order- Creation date, Start date or Archiving Date, both from most recent to oldest and vice-versa. In the ‘Start date’ filter, the Jobs which are available as soon as possible are ordered in between the jobs with a start date in the past and the jobs which have a start date in the future.

New actions available

Without having to click on the job, there are now a lot more actions available on the management page, this can be a great way for you to save time.  By clicking on ‘More’, you will see the following options:


Sometimes next to the offer you will see the word ‘Assign’ instead of ‘Applicants’. This is when the job is linked to an external website and you can’t see the applicants in the platform.



You can also multi-select jobs where the following actions are available. Clicking on the select all button on the left will select the jobs on the current page, and not all jobs:




Please note that if needed you can go back to the old version, but please remember to give us feedback so that we can improve the new version to your needs.

The old version will be available for at least another two months, depending on your feedback.



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