Latest developments on the statistics module


This page summarises the latest changes to your Statistics module.

These changes allow us to display more actionable data, as well as new information. 

These changes are accompanied by thorough work by our technical team on our data model


The "Companies" tab


In the statistics module, the "Companies" dashboard is there to facilitate relations with your partner companies. Its goal is to provide you with decision support.

It answers the following questions:

  • How many offers and events have I posted?
  • When do the offers and events perform best?
  • How do my offers perform compared to my other offers?
  • What is the performance for a company (or a group of companies) compared to the rest of the jobs? To do this, it is necessary to open the dashboard twice with different filtering.

Getting started

By default, the dates configured correspond to the current academic year, you can modify them.

The dashboard accesses 3 distinct data sources. To select a company, on each of the 3 filters, you have to click on the field, uncheck the existing values by clicking on "All", and then type the first letters of the company and select the different corresponding entities in the list.

The "Jobteaser Network" network is included by default, you can unselect it if needed.



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