Product updates

Here you can find all your Career Center new features per quarter (click on the related links for more details). If you have any question about a feature, ask your JobTeaser contact about it.

July - October 2019 

  • Jobs
    • Ability to share a job ad on Messenger and Whatsapp from the mobile website
  • Events
    • Upgrade from 3 to 5 events to be pinned in the slider
  • Appointments
    • Ability to set up a minimum delay between two appointments to limit student abuse

April - June 2019


  • Jobs 
    • Automated validation of jobs posted by Students and Alumni 
      • From our research, we have discovered that these jobs positively impact student engagement
      • From what we have found, the delay between job posting and publication is a big deterrent on Alumni sharing jobs, so we wanted to reduce this delay
      • From now on, all job vacancies posted by students or alumni (to whom you granted access to the platform) will be published without further validation
      • You will still be able to amend them retrospectively (deactivate, edit, etc.) from your Back Office
    • Bulk actions to assign and/or tag incoming jobs
  • Students module
    • Extension (from 6 months to 2 years) of the student activity history length (Job applications, Events registrations)
    • Ability to control the event attendance status (show / no-show)
  • Appointments
    • Ability to search students by email address
  • Events 
    • Ability to change the maximum number of slots by student, even if there are some registered students
    • Ability to update slots even if there are some registered students (extend the capacity, change the details)
    • Send an automatic email to attendees when a slot is updated (hours + description)
    • University admins can now un-register a student from an event


  • Student profile
    • Ability to add Social media links (Github, Xing, Dribble, Behance, Twitter, etc.) to the student profile
  • Job search 
    • Subscribing to the job alert and saving your search criteria is now done in 1 click from the Jobs page (without being redirected to the Criteria saving page)

January - March 2019

  • Student profile - Instructions on the student profile which helps them to create a more complete profile
  • Resources - New Front-Office for students 
  • Companies - Multi-languages in the Companies module
  • Jobs  - Ability to choose a start date up to 4 years after the creation date
  • Events - Addition of the "Attendance required" option

October - December 2018

  • Jobs - LinkedIn sharing button on the Front-Office added
  • Events - LinkedIn sharing button on the Front-Office added
  • Events - Ability for a student to add an event to his calendar via the reminder emails sent to him 
  • Appointments - Ability to add external links clickable in the welcome message
  • Mobile app - Registration on the Career Center via JobTeaser Career Center mobile app available 
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