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Please find below the list of modifications related to the latest product updates.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out to your JobTeaser account manager!  

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September 30th, 2020

  • Remote friendliness in jobs 🌍

The current situation has changed the way we work all over the world. Home-office has never been as present as before, and it is likely to stay that way. To meet our students' and clients' needs, we have introduced a specific field that indicates how much remote work is possible for the position. It will soon be possible for students to filter on that option.


  • Application deadline for job ads 📅

To make the application process straightforward to students, we have improved the way recruiters can indicate an application deadline. By checking the respective box, the date (which is the same as the archiving date) will be shown to students right in the ad, so they know how much time they have left to apply. The ad will then be archived on that date.
If recruiters don’t decide to show the deadline (default), students see a generic message and the job ad will be archived on that date as usual.


  • Attendance sheet went mobile 📲

We have made an immense improvement to the attendance sheet: The page is now responsive, meaning we have perfected the page for mobile use, so that participants can easily be marked as “present” or “absent” when the event has started. The page will no longer refresh once you’ve done a single action, allowing a faster and smoother experience.

  • Add registrants to events “at the door” ✏️

Even though our events are mostly digital at this time, it can still happen that students show up to events without being registered (because they have missed the deadline but there are still spots left, etc.). To provide you and your students with the possibility to follow up which events they have attended, you can now manually add them to the event after it has started. This allows for a more accurate tracking, so then information on your Career Center is always up to date.

  • Statistics and exports improvements 📊

We have made a few improvements on the exports available on the platform. 
New columns are available in the event exports (in the registrants exports + the overall events export). We have also provided you with a brand-new export that gathers all public and private jobs available to your students, along with their applications and views from your students. This should be useful for your corporate relationships!

  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes ⚙️

As in every release, our tech team works on fixing different bugs and improves stability and user experience on the platform. 


July 30th, 2020

  • New candidacy management 🗂

The new candidacy management system has been released! You might have already seen it - it’s available on every job ad where applications are managed on your Career Center, for admins and recruiters. This smoother interface lets you see the candidates’ CVs right away, and you can manage your applications, not only more intuitively but faster. But this feature isn’t finished yet! We’re still building the tool with the learning we generate from its users, so please do not hesitate to give us your feedback through the form on top. And if you’re missing a function, you can always go back to the old module.



  • Application deadline visible to students 📅

When creating a job ad, it is now possible to decide whether the application deadline should be displayed to students. By ticking the respective checkbox in the job form, a text field indicating the application deadline will appear in front-office. If it is not ticked, a generic message will appear.


  • The salary field has been removed from the vacancy posting form 💸

Because some aspects of the salary field raised questions from our partner universities (the available currencies, the broad range of the salary brackets, the fact that it doesn’t show to students, etc.), we decided to take it off the form, and reintegrate it as part of the description.

We want to conduct a small exploration on that matter, to make sure this field fits your needs (e.g. reporting) and your students’ (e.g. filtering). Please feel free to share your ideas with your JobTeaser main point of contact!


June 29th, 2020

  • Courses management from your back office 🗄

You are now able to add, edit and delete your student’s study courses right from your Career Center’s back office! With this new feature, we hope to create a tool that is more agile and better equipped to your needs, by giving you the ownership about this part. How to use this new feature is fully explained in this article (you need to be a super administrator). 


  • Enhanced event dates on the newsletter 📩

To make it easier for your students to understand from the weekly newsletter when events are happening, we have created a tag called "Ongoing", that they will see on all events that are currently in progress.
For ongoing events, we have also added the start and end date of the events as well as the number of days the events last, so they are able to match this with their personal scheduling at a glance.



  • Improvements on the events export 📈

We've added five new columns on the Events export to make it more exhaustive: Status of the event, end date, number of cancelled registrations, people on the waitlist and refused registrants. We understand that this information is valuable to your daily work, in regard to reporting and follow-up.


  • Event boost button 🚀

Last month we’ve announced that you’re able to bring your events back to your students’ attention by boosting them, meaning they will jump back up on the student dashboard. To make this action more intuitive, we have added a button to the back office of each event: 



  • Event feedback campaigns for everybody 💭

We finally launched the event feedback campaign for all of our partner institutions! You will find the feature in your event back office, and you are asked to enter a feedback URL on every new event you are creating. As a reminder, you can find the documentation here!



May 28th, 2020

  • Event Feedback 💭

We've launched the beta version for the event feedback form! It's available for a few partners already and will be rolled out to every Career Center in June. 

This new feature allows you to reach out to students who have participated in an event. You enable it directly from the back office of your event where you attach your own survey link. Around an hour after the event, participants will receive an email and are asked for their opinion and feedback. 

In this article, you find the full guide on how to use it!

  • Boost your event visibility 🚀

When you now activate an event, it is published right away at the top of the students' dashboard. This way you make sure your events are much more visible to them.
Also, to give you more power in advertising your events and to give them a little push when you want to generate more registrations, you can even now to put them back on the top of the student dashboard: All you have to do is deactivate the event and reactivate it right after!


  • Private jobs becoming more prominent in the daily job alert 💼 

In order to boost the visibility and applications on private job ads (the job ads that are only visible to students of your Career Center), we have now made the first two slots reserved for private job ads. If there is one or two exclusive job ad matching the criteria of the student, they will be displayed right on the top. The rest of the matching job ads will be displayed below that just like before, both private and public job ads"

  • A brand new student profile ✍️
We completely revamped the student's profile, to make it more didactic for the students to fill. Students now have the opportunity to add work experiences, as well as other learning institutions and volunteer works to their profile. This will help recruiters gain a more complete picture of who your students are and help them stand out more on their job hunt.

April 24th, 2020

  • Email change with SSO  📨
If your Career Center is integrated with an SSO connection, you know that we retrieve your student's email address directly from your servers. Formerly, it was not possible to edit this email address on the Career Center, meaning that students were not able to switch to their private email address that they might check much more often, and it could happen that they would miss events or even appointments. 
With the new modification, students are still using their institution's credentials to log in, but can replace the email address by a private one to receive all Career Center emails. This should increase the numbers of openings of the weekly newsletter and long-term engagement on your Career Center, as well as helping your students receive all the reminders they need to not miss anything anymore.
Feel free to reach out to your JobTeaser contact if you want this option to be activated.
  • New languages 🗣

We added new locales on the platform that you'll soon be able to activate if needed: Finnish, Czech, and Galician. Please find here an article on how to add a new language to your Career Center.

  • Courses bulk import 🎓

We are now able to bulk import a list of courses onto your Career Center. That enables us to proceed with updates very easily and manage a big number of courses





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