JobTeaser Release Notes

Your JobTeaser platform is updated nearly every day. On a regular basis, we post an update here with all relevant last updates.

Please find below the list of modifications related to the latest product updates.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out to your JobTeaser account manager!  

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September 2022 🎓

RESOURCES A whole round of new features! 🎁

A few months ago, the Resources module donned a brand-new wardrobe. Our product team has been working on it since then to improve your daily tasks and the students experience on the module.

Among the novelties :

  • We have added the possibility to generate a table of contents, and display the article’s author and reading time
  • We have improved the overall coherence between what you see in your back-office and the results in the students view
  • To improve the UX on the landing page, we doubled the number of characters that a description can take and made the star article image clickable
  • Students are now able to search for articles by typing keywords in the dedicated search bar, the results being then ordered by relevancy
  • Last but not least: you can now visualize an entire set of dedicated dashboards directly from your Statistics module. This will help you analyse how students interact with the content you provide them!

If you are ready to deploy the new module to your students, don’t forget to tell your JobTeaser point of contact!


MOBILE Our new mobile app is available in stores! 📲

With our native app, we offer students a seamless mobile experience with JobTeaser's key features directly in their pocket. Students will find a custom job feed based on their search criteria and interests, as well as all available events in their Career Center.

Not only will students be able to smoothly manage their event registrations, but once registered, they will receive reminders via push notifications: a good remedy to limit no-shows! Besides, users will soon be able to find Marco and Freya directly in the application.

The rest of the Career Center is still available on the mobile site, for students who want to deepen their use of the platform from their phone.

Find out more in our dedicated article here. We have also prepared some materials to help you in your communication.


JOBS A new export to help you with jobs reporting 📊

Your Jobs module now provides a new way to generate data. This brand-new export feature enables you to analyse and process an Excel sheet which is based on your reporting needs. Not only will you find more information than in the old export, but the export will take into consideration all the filters you will have set in your search bar, as well as the desired timeframe. Please visit our dedicated Help Center page for thorough details.


APPOINTMENTS Appointments types ordering 📆

We knew this was needed by our partner universities and made it possible: it is now possible to swap the appointment types’ positions for students to see, with the use of the small up/down arrows on the right of the appointment types management screen. This will enable you to communicate on the right type at the right moment and make sure students see what they need to see!



Summer 2022 ☀️

EVENTS Student feedback collection

The feature for collecting student feedback on events has recently been completed. You now have :

  • access to all results directly in the event details page
  • access to the data related to this feature in your Statistics module
  • the possibility to deactivate the option for each event if needed

As a reminder, emails are sent automatically to the students, who will be redirected to your questionnaire in one click from the email. We have designed this feature to increase the number of 'micro-feedback' you will receive, to help you better measure your impact.



APPOINTMENTS More new features! 🆕

In the series of improvements made to the Appointments module:

  • We have made it possible to format the different text fields of the module (bold, underlined, clickable links, bullet points).
  • We have deployed the feedback collection feature (like the one already available on the Events module). This option can be activated for each appointment type, an email is then automatically sent to the user after the appointment to collect their feedback.
  • You now have graphs about your appointments in your Statistics module. This allows you to better understand the behaviour of your students!



USERS Improving the profile completion rate 👤

In the Users module export, you will now find the profile completion rate for each student. To get 100%, users must have :

  • Filled in their graduation date
  • Completed a short description
  • Uploaded a CV
  • Filled in their search criteria
  • Followed at least one company

This new indicator allows you to monitor your students’ diligence in filling in their profile.


RESOURCES Redesigning one of our flagship modules 🎨

After analysing your requests for changes and conducting interviews with our partner institutions and students, we have revamped this module to meet your needs.

This new interface provides users with a better experience all across their journey on the module. Among other things, you will now be able to customise your article’s pictures, improve the layout of the module, and better highlight the content. Students will also see their navigation improved. More information here!

Please note: the switch to the new interface involves some adjustments on your side. We have summarised the steps to follow in this article!



February/March 2022

EVENTS  A new tool to collect feedback 📆

In order to allow you to improve your services, and to be as close as possible to the needs of students, we have improved the event feedback collection feature. 

From now on, students receive an email after each event (those with registration required on the Career Center). They can very quickly (in just one click) indicate whether the event was useful to them. Of course, you can still ask for more detailed feedback by adding a link to a more extensive survey of yours. Note that these emails are sent within 24 hours of the end of the event, at around 6pm, as this is the time of the day when the opening rates are highest, according to our analysis. 

We will then work on the next steps of the project: displaying the results directly in your back-office, enabling the possibility to deactivate this feature when needed, and deploying this feature on the Appointment module too.



UX  A  more didactic onboarding 👋

Our designers worked on the user journey, from their first login to their interactions with the platform's content. They therefore redesigned the login and signup pages (when applicable).

They also wanted to be more 'educational' about the features available on the Career centre, hence the onboarding was reviewed for new and existing users, to encourage them to :

  • fill in their profile
  • indicate their search criteria
  • subscribe to alerts

These pages, branded with the colours and name of your institution, are currently being deployed and will soon appear on your platforms!



January 2022

[Appointments] Latest round of improvements for the module 🗓

During the last 2 months, our technical team has been working on improving the module, so that it best meets the needs of our partners. Here are the main evolutions:

  • The upcoming and past appointments were added to the list view
  • A link to the student's page (in the Users module) is now clickable in the appointment page and window
  • The student's name is now visible in the calendar view for clarity
  • A “Select all” option was added in the list of advisors in the calendar and list views

Most of the planned developments on this module are now complete, and the team will focus on new topics in the coming weeks.


[GDPR] Update of our anonymisation rules 👩‍⚖️

Administrators you have invited to create an account will now be removed from the list of administrators after one week, if they haven't accepted the TOS in this delay. Think about this when you add advisors or company admins! They now only have seven days to activate their account, otherwise you will have to invite them back.

In addition, recruiter and admin accounts that have been inactive for more than two years will also disappear from the platform and from exports.


November 2021

[Appointments] A new round of improvements ! 🛠

Throughout the month of November, we have made many improvements to the Appointments module, mostly on the new list format :

  • Admins are now able to display other team members pending appointments list
  • A link to the student’s user page has been added in the list
  • We have worked on improving the overall responsiveness of this new page
  • The student’s name has been added to each appointment’s calendar preview

For those who would like to improve their knowledge of the Appointments module, please note that we will be hosting a new training session. We have also worked on a set of articles in our HelpCenter to enable you to make the most of your Appointments module !



[Advice] A new search option for students 🔎

As a reminder, the Advice module aims at helping students reflect on their career journey, with content created and managed by a team of experts from JobTeaser. We have made it possible for students to search through the module by typing keywords. This allows them to quickly find relevant articles !



October 2021

["Open to opportunities" status] A new funnel to improve the students' journey!

The “Open to opportunities” status is the tool that allows students to be preselected for opportunities that match their search criteria. We have redesigned the student journey, to make sure the students:

  • understand the value and benefice of the service,
  • can enable the service in no time
  • can maximize their chances of being successfully preselected for custom opportunities.

The service remains accessible from the both Dashboard & the Profile page. This change impacts the EN, DE and FR locales, the others will follow.



[Appointments] Improvements to the new module

Throughout the month of October, we have made many improvements to the appointments module. Below are the most important:

  • Possibility to synchronise appointments directly from your email
  • Add a 'select all' option to select all appointment types at once when creating an availability
  • Highlighting filters on the Student View to make sure students book with the right adviser on the right campus
  • Add advisers information on the FO when adviser filter is used 


September 2021

[Insights] A new user-generated content module on your Career Center!

"Insights" is a new module available on the JobTeaser solution. It presents students' and alumni feedback about a past professional experience. The goal of this module is to help students get inspiration for their next professional experience and project themselves in jobs. They can reach out to writers and potentially get hints and insider info to land the job! You can find more details in our Help Center! If you wish to activate this module, please get in touch with your JobTeaser main contact.


[Appointments] More improvements to the module

We are constantly working on improving the module to improve the User Experience for both Students and Admin. Some of the most significant improvements in the last month are:

  • The Programme/Courses drop-down list limit raised to 100 options
  • A ‘select all’ option has been added to the Courses list
  • The Calendar hours have been modified to normal working hours, rather than midnight
  • An issue with the Google Calendar Synchronisation has been solved
  • The general performance speed of the platform has been improved

We are also working on several other improvements which will be released throughout October.


[Group training] Training sessions in October

In the month of October, we have two group trainings which are available to you:

  • Theory and Science of Guidance at JobTeaser. This group training will be focused on the Guidance journey which we are building at JobTeaser and the science behind it. You can register here
  • How to Make the Most of your Career Center - focus "Help students and companies". The idea of this training is to give you as many tools as possible to help your students and company partners- you can register here

August 2021

 [Advice]  A new version of the module is out! ℹ️

The Advice module aims at helping students reflect on their career journey, with content created and managed by a team of experts from JobTeaser. After many years with no evolution, we decided to revamp the module this summer in order to improve browsing and reading of articles as well as to improve the content quality and relevance. Please note that the new module will be progressively rolled-out to our partner unis’ career centers in the upcoming weeks. If you want to know more, here’s a detailed article!



[Appointments]   Improvements to the new module!  📆

The new Appointments module was released earlier this summer and throughout the summer we have been taking onboard feedback from our partners and making constant improvements. Some of the most important updates are:

  • A new list view of pending appointments
  • Making the location field mandatory
  • More agenda flexibility, with 5 minute time slots (rather than 15)
  • Hiding the appointment types with no availability slot to students



[Marco] Marco is live! 🗺

As a reminder of what we mentioned in our June release note, a banner to our psychometric tool Marco is being deployed in our partner unis’ career centers. More details here.




  [Back to School]  Survival kit 🚨

As the return of the academic year is approaching, we would like to bring to your attention some of the tools which you have at disposal to make your life easier while using JobTeaser.

  • Group Training Sessions: We have several different group trainings over the next few months, for both new and experienced users of the platform. You can sign up to those here.
  • Beginners guide for new admin: We have put together a beginners guide which you can send to your colleagues who are new to JobTeaser, which will walk through the basics of every module. You can find this in our Help Center here.
  • New Communication Pack: as every year, we have put together a communication pack with content which you use to advertise JobTeaser to your students. You can find everything here.




June 2021

  • [Guidance] Please welcome Marco! 🗺

    As you know, our mission is to help the young generation in their guidance journey. To do so, our team of researchers has been working on a set of tools to help students reflect on themselves. Marco is a psychometric tool to help students discover and develop their professional interests according to the activities they like to do. They can then discover and identify business branches that are compatible with their preferences.

    The last version of Marco was launched last year, and this summer we will add a banner to encourage students to take the questionnaire at two key moments in their journey: when filling their profile and browsing for a job. Here is the scientific product sheet for more details!

  • [Appointments] A brand new module for your individual appointments 📆

    We decided to revamp this module last year for different reasons (design, improvements, security, technical causes). While improving the overall user experience on the module (for both admins and students), several improvements were added to the module, such as the ability to manage online appointments or display all advisers’ calendars. Our partner unis can also send follow-up notes to students after the appointment is completed or see if a student hasn’t shown up to previous appointments. Here’s a detailed article if you want to know more about how to set up this new module!

  • [Bugs] Minor improvements and bug fixes ⚙️

As in every release, our tech team works on fixing different bugs and improves stability and user experience on the platform. 



May 2021

  • [Events] A new partnership with Talentspace! 🤝

Today, we are glad to announce that JobTeaser will be partnering with Talentspace, the leader of the virtual events for Universities in Europe. We know that your online needs are thorough and we are convinced that following a best-of-breed approach with a dedicated tool is the best option for your teams to manage big career fairs.

We will first streamline the registration process by including an SSO from JobTeaser to Talentspace, so that students no longer have to create a new account to attend an event on the third-party platform. More product integrations are then planned in our common roadmap. If you are interested in this topic, we can introduce you to the Talentspace team!

Feel free to ask your JobTeaser contact.

  • [Statistics] A brand new ‘Companies’ tab in your statistics 📊

In the statistics module of your back office, we have added a new graph to facilitate the relationship with your partner companies. Add the respective company in the dropdown menu above to have an overview of the company page, the events, and the jobs' performances. You can also use it to compare a set of companies. Make sure to filter on the three dropdowns to be able to display all the data!

You can find more information in this Help Center article.

  • [Recruiters] Introducing email templates and bulk messaging 📨

In the candidacy management section of the job ads with internal applications, Recruiters can now send a bulk message to multiple applicants at the same time. By selecting the checkbox on the left, they can perform a mass action and either accept or reject the selected candidates. By clicking on “send a group reply” they can then contact all of these candidates with the same message, and even save their answer as a template to be reused for their next mass action to accept or reject. We hope it will save you time and make the use of the Career Center even easier.



April 2021

  • [Events] New online event feature 🎥

You can now configure your events that take place online right away with the video conference link. We have improved the user flow, it is now clearly visible that the event is online, and we have also added a new button to the event emails that will take users right to the event page. From there, the videoconference link will be accessible when the event starts, allowing them to enter the virtual room. We hope it will bring more clarity to students on how to attend the event and reduce no-shows. It also gives you as an event organiser more flexibility to add the link later on or update it if needed.
You can find all the details on how this feature works and what it looks like in the student view in this article.


  • [Events] Attendance required feature is now untickable 📅

Many of our partners have used this feature as part of their career fairs. As a reminder, it prevents students from registering to another simultaneous event. As it was not possible to cancel this function once an event had registrants, some of our partners have found themselves unable to manage their fair properly. Hence, we have made it possible to un-tick this option now, even if some students have already registered. Please note that once it’s un-selected, it cannot be selected again.

  • [Daily jobs alert] New design on the daily alert 📨

While gradually improving the design of our emails, as announced in the past release notes, we have now updated the daily jobs alert design to make it more appealing to students. All the emails have now been re-shaped!


March 2021

  • [Events] Improvements in the event module 📆

We have made an adjustment to the student view that allows students to differentiate events that are fully booked from events where the registration deadline has closed. That should improve transparency and the user experience for students.
But we also have an improvement for our administrators! In the speaker field, you can now add up to 2000 characters, meaning you can introduce many different speakers, on a careers fair for example!

  • [Log in] Improved design for the 403 error pages 🔑

We have received feedback from our partner institutions about the 403 error pages. It is mainly seen by recruiters when they try to log in to a Career Center while still being logged in to another institution’s Career Center. For a better sign-in experience, we have rephrased and redesigned the window. It is now easier for recruiters to understand why they are seeing this window and what they need to do!

  • [Weekly newsletter] New design and wording on the weekly newsletter 📨

As announced in our last release note, we are gradually updating the design of our emails. We have finalised the weekly events newsletter with our new design and wording to make it clearer and more appealing to students. Next in line is the jobs alert!


We hope you like it! 


February 2021

  • [Jobs] The new jobs listing is coming 🎉

We’re proud to announce that the new design of the jobs back office for university administrators is finally online! It will gradually be introduced in all Career Centers. As mentioned before, you will find all the filters that you had before by clicking on the “more” button next to the main filters. Additionally, you’ll be able to sort the jobs by different dates and by clicking on the source “JobTeaser”, you can also see ads coming from the JobTeaser network to tag them!

See the full video here for a quick tour around the module:

You can also find all relevant information in the following article: The New Jobs Back Office Module.

  • [Events] “Attendance required” available for inactive events

The feature to prevent students from registering to two simultaneous events is now also applied to inactive events. Thus, it now takes into account the sub-events of a Virtual Career Fair for instance.
The feature should still be used with caution, the box "attendance required” cannot be unselected after the event has registrants, and it potentially blocks students from participating in two events at the same time (especially if it has slots - these are never taken into account!).

  • [Emails] A fresh face for our transactional emails 📨

We have upgraded the design of the automated emails that come from the Career Center. The design is now simple and sleek - however, you will notice they now display the JobTeaser logo. Indeed, we want to make sure students can easily identify that those emails are coming from JobTeaser, for GDPR compliance reasons. These changes will gradually be implemented for all emails.


January 2021

  • [Jobs] Adjustments on the jobs form 📋

We have made some small changes to the form where you can submit job ads.
In the description field, you will now find a small informative text as well as some suggestions. The field is no longer pre-filled, which should nudge people to fill it out, as the text in the description box is vital for the job search, meaning the more text is filled out, the better it can be matched to the search criteria of students.


For the job category, we’ve added a small informative text which will help recruiters suggest the right category. We want them to be aware that it’s not an issue if they don’t find a category that perfectly matches their vacancy. As students tend to only discard categories that don’t fit them, it’s better to keep the categories wider, because if they were too granular, it would reduce visibility of job ads.


Lastly, the position field, which led to confusion among recruiters, has been removed to increase clarity.

  • [Product methodology] Use tests ✅

In order to ensure the quality of our product, we generally complement our technical and functional reviews with use tests. These tests consist in assessing a feature’s relevance for a sample of users before validating or cancelling the improvement. Get to know more about it here.

  • [Coming up] A new version of the appointments module on the way ✨

As well as improving the jobs listing, our tech team is working on a new version of the appointments module, which will hopefully make the way you are planning your appointments and coordinating with your team even better. We’re getting closer to it being released, and you will find the same features as in the current one with the bonus of a better UX in both back (new design, better calendar view, solution for online appointments) and front offices (mobile-first approach to ease the students journey). Stay tuned! 



December 2020

  • [Events] Error message for slot length 💬

We’ve had the feedback from some of our partners that if you create an event with slots, and you put the video conference link in your slot title or description, it can happen that the link exceeds the allowed character length and these links are cut.
To inform you about this behaviour and reduce friction if you let your company partner insert the link themselves, we’ve added an error message if you enter too many characters. That way, you will know when your link is too long. Also, we advise you to use a link shortener (e.g. so that any technical issues on the event day can be avoided.



  • [Student dashboard] “Public profile” toggle removed for most Career Centers 🎚

The function to make your profile publicly available is a feature that’s mainly relevant for Career Centers who have already implemented our new ‘Community’ module. However, due to the shared software, it was displayed in every Career Center and raised a lot of questions among students about what it is for.
We’ve removed it from all Career Centers who do not have the Community feature, so it should be clear for everyone.



[Statistics] Improvements to the statistics module 📊

We’re happy to present you some improvements on the statistics module. From now on, you can benefit from new filters, clearer numbers and you can even hover over the data to have more information! Our team is still working on making it better every day, but you can already learn about the current changes in the following article.


  • [Coming up] New and improved jobs listing ✨

As mentioned last time, our tech team has worked on a new and improved version of the jobs back office, to make your daily work with the Career Center even easier. They are almost done and the feature will be gradually introduced in all Career Centers over the next months. It is mainly isofunctional with a smoother design, but it comes with a few new features you will be able to tag public jobs or sort by date for instance. Stay tuned!



November 2020

  • [Jobs] Exports in candidacy management 💼

In the new candidacy management interface, we have now added the feature to mass export the CVs and email addresses of your applicants, which was identified as a major need in our survey. It’s not too late to give us your feedback on the banner on top! Feel free to learn more about this module here in the following article.


  • [Platform] New language: Swedish 🇸🇪

Due to the recent launch of new Career Centers in Scandinavia, we now have the Swedish language available on the Career Center! The language is available for everyone via the jobs module, if you would like to activate your interface in Swedish, too, please reach out to your local JobTeaser contact.

  • [Coming up] In the meantime... 🚧

Our tech team is working hard on different parts of the platform to make them better. Among these are the jobs listing, the appointment module, the mobile app, a new module called “Community” and a tool for virtual career fairs. Stay tuned, more updates are coming soon!


October 2020

  • [Events] Reminder emails now include personal message ✉️

During the pandemic, most of our partners have digitalised their offer and are now mainly hosting online events.
So that it’s easy and clear for students to join such events, many of our partners suggested that the conference tool link appears in reminder emails.
Thus, a custom message is now displayed in all the reminders (with clickable links). You can then add any relevant information for the students to see, or a link to your videoconference tool! Learn more...


  • [Courses] Mass import of student courses to their profiles 🎓

Many of our partner universities mentioned that they would love to be able to impact their students’ courses on their profiles. Before, it was only the students themselves who could modify it, now, you as an admin can make modifications, too! The feature is designed as a mass import, so you can edit many students at once, but it can also be used for just one person. Find out more about how it works in this article!


  • [Events] Attendance statistics on the events details page 📈

If you use the attendance sheet (to update registrants’ statuses or manually register students yourselves), you are now able to see your event attendance statistics at a glance from the event’s details page, with the number of attendees, of no-shows, and of registrants ‘at the door’. These statistics give you a great overview of key info for each event!


  • [Jobs] Cover added letter to new candidacy management feature 👔

We have kept working on improving the new candidacy management feature and now the cover letter is available, too! Recruiters can now easily switch between CV and cover letter by clicking on “See the application message”. We will continue to work on this feature and you can still give us feedback via the form on the page.
Please note: You have the same view as recruiters, so you can follow up what is happening and manage applications to your own job ads. However, if the job ad comes from an external recruiter who has an account on the platform, no actions are necessary on this page.



September 2020

  • Remote friendliness in jobs 🌍

The current situation has changed the way we work all over the world. Home-office has never been as present as before, and it is likely to stay that way. To meet our students' and clients' needs, we have introduced a specific field that indicates how much remote work is possible for the position. It will soon be possible for students to filter on that option.


  • Application deadline for job ads 📅

To make the application process straightforward to students, we have improved the way recruiters can indicate an application deadline. By checking the respective box, the date (which is the same as the archiving date) will be shown to students right in the ad, so they know how much time they have left to apply. The ad will then be archived on that date.
If recruiters don’t decide to show the deadline (default), students see a generic message and the job ad will be archived on that date as usual.


  • Attendance sheet went mobile 📲

We have made an immense improvement to the attendance sheet: The page is now responsive, meaning we have perfected the page for mobile use, so that participants can easily be marked as “present” or “absent” when the event has started. The page will no longer refresh once you’ve done a single action, allowing a faster and smoother experience.

  • Add registrants to events “at the door” ✏️

Even though our events are mostly digital at this time, it can still happen that students show up to events without being registered (because they have missed the deadline but there are still spots left, etc.). To provide you and your students with the possibility to follow up which events they have attended, you can now manually add them to the event after it has started. This allows for a more accurate tracking, so then information on your Career Center is always up to date.

  • Statistics and exports improvements 📊

We have made a few improvements on the exports available on the platform. 
New columns are available in the event exports (in the registrants exports + the overall events export). We have also provided you with a brand-new export that gathers all public and private jobs available to your students, along with their applications and views from your students. This should be useful for your corporate relationships!


July 2020

  • New candidacy management 🗂

The new candidacy management system has been released! You might have already seen it - it’s available on every job ad where applications are managed on your Career Center, for admins and recruiters. This smoother interface lets you see the candidates’ CVs right away, and you can manage your applications, not only more intuitively but faster. But this feature isn’t finished yet! We’re still building the tool with the learning we generate from its users, so please do not hesitate to give us your feedback through the form on top. And if you’re missing a function, you can always go back to the old module.



  • Application deadline visible to students 📅

When creating a job ad, it is now possible to decide whether the application deadline should be displayed to students. By ticking the respective checkbox in the job form, a text field indicating the application deadline will appear in front-office. If it is not ticked, a generic message will appear.


  • The salary field has been removed from the vacancy posting form 💸

Because some aspects of the salary field raised questions from our partner universities (the available currencies, the broad range of the salary brackets, the fact that it doesn’t show to students, etc.), we decided to take it off the form, and reintegrate it as part of the description.

We want to conduct a small exploration on that matter, to make sure this field fits your needs (e.g. reporting) and your students’ (e.g. filtering). Please feel free to share your ideas with your JobTeaser main point of contact!


June 2020

  • Courses management from your back office 🗄

You are now able to add, edit and delete your student’s study courses right from your Career Center’s back office! With this new feature, we hope to create a tool that is more agile and better equipped to your needs, by giving you the ownership about this part. How to use this new feature is fully explained in this article (you need to be a super administrator). 


  • Enhanced event dates on the newsletter 📩

To make it easier for your students to understand from the weekly newsletter when events are happening, we have created a tag called "Ongoing", that they will see on all events that are currently in progress.
For ongoing events, we have also added the start and end date of the events as well as the number of days the events last, so they are able to match this with their personal scheduling at a glance.



  • Improvements on the events export 📈

We've added five new columns on the Events export to make it more exhaustive: Status of the event, end date, number of cancelled registrations, people on the waitlist and refused registrants. We understand that this information is valuable to your daily work, in regard to reporting and follow-up.


  • Event boost button 🚀

Last month we’ve announced that you’re able to bring your events back to your students’ attention by boosting them, meaning they will jump back up on the student dashboard. To make this action more intuitive, we have added a button to the back office of each event: 



  • Event feedback campaigns for everybody 💭

We finally launched the event feedback campaign for all of our partner institutions! You will find the feature in your event back office, and you are asked to enter a feedback URL on every new event you are creating. As a reminder, you can find the documentation here!



May 2020

  • Event Feedback 💭

We've launched the beta version for the event feedback form! It's available for a few partners already and will be rolled out to every Career Center in June. 

This new feature allows you to reach out to students who have participated in an event. You enable it directly from the back office of your event where you attach your own survey link. Around an hour after the event, participants will receive an email and are asked for their opinion and feedback. 

In this article, you find the full guide on how to use it!

  • Boost your event visibility 🚀

When you now activate an event, it is published right away at the top of the students' dashboard. This way you make sure your events are much more visible to them.
Also, to give you more power in advertising your events and to give them a little push when you want to generate more registrations, you can even now to put them back on the top of the student dashboard: All you have to do is deactivate the event and reactivate it right after!


  • Private jobs becoming more prominent in the daily job alert 💼 

In order to boost the visibility and applications on private job ads (the job ads that are only visible to students of your Career Center), we have now made the first two slots reserved for private job ads. If there is one or two exclusive job ad matching the criteria of the student, they will be displayed right on the top. The rest of the matching job ads will be displayed below that just like before, both private and public job ads"

  • A brand new student profile ✍️
We completely revamped the student's profile, to make it more didactic for the students to fill. Students now have the opportunity to add work experiences, as well as other learning institutions and volunteer works to their profile. This will help recruiters gain a more complete picture of who your students are and help them stand out more on their job hunt.

April 2020

  • Email change with SSO  📨
If your Career Center is integrated with an SSO connection, you know that we retrieve your student's email address directly from your servers. Formerly, it was not possible to edit this email address on the Career Center, meaning that students were not able to switch to their private email address that they might check much more often, and it could happen that they would miss events or even appointments. 
With the new modification, students are still using their institution's credentials to log in, but can replace the email address by a private one to receive all Career Center emails. This should increase the numbers of openings of the weekly newsletter and long-term engagement on your Career Center, as well as helping your students receive all the reminders they need to not miss anything anymore.
Feel free to reach out to your JobTeaser contact if you want this option to be activated.
  • New languages 🗣

We added new locales on the platform that you'll soon be able to activate if needed: Finnish, Czech, and Galician. Please find here an article on how to add a new language to your Career Center.

  • Courses bulk import 🎓

We are now able to bulk import a list of courses onto your Career Center. That enables us to proceed with updates very easily and manage a big number of courses





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