Using the "Registered Users" tab of the Statistics module

The users tab allows you to analyse your students' behaviour on the Career Center to help them in their professional development.

Please note that in most Career Centres, a user is attached to a program. These programs have been set up during the launch of the Career Centre. If you want to modify them or create new ones, feel free to contact us. 


The first graph gives you some general information about your users: 

  • Total number of users on your Career Center
  • Number of users registered since last September (to follow the evolution of users after each start of a new academic year)
  • Number of users on your Career Center month after month since last year (split by program)



You can filter your users according to 3 criteria:

  • Your users' activity rate (possibility to choose all users or only those who have logged in since last September).
  • The type of contract (internships, jobs, etc.)
  • The students' programs (e.g. first year, second year, Alumni, etc.) 



Using the other graphics, you can get information about your users and their activity on the platform:

  • Users' programs
  • The active users rate on your Career Center, meaning if the users logged in more than once since last September
  • Profile CV: if the student uploaded a profile CV or not
  • Job alert subscription rate available in your users' dashboard                    
  • Weekly Events Newsletter subscription rate 
  • Profile languages selected by users in their Dashboard 




These graphics give you information about the search criteria of your users, by:

  • Contract type
  • Experience
  • Localization
  • Function
  • Activity area 

By comparing your students' search criteria to the private jobs most posted on your Career Center, you can check if the jobs posted by recruiters meet your students' needs!

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