Understand the Resources Module

The Resources module allows you to make various articles and documents available to your users that will help them further their Career Center experience and professional research. From team presentations to alumni testimonials and useful links to create your internship agreement, this module is entirely administered by you, for your students! 



The Resources module can be renamed as you wish: contact your Key Account Manager for any modification you wish to make!



It works by levels of information:

  • a theme (= a folder) contains one or more articles and sub-articles. A theme will be used to organize content, with a folder function.
  • In these themes, you can add different articles that will carry the content you want to write.

The themes are grouped into blocks, in which the articles with content you make available to the students are grouped together. For information on the images that appear for the themes, click HERE



You have the possibility to target the content of this module by programs, i.e. to give access to certain articles only to a given category of your subscribers. Example: theme " How to find an internship " visible only by M1 and M2, theme " How to enter the job market " for Graduates.




(1) Display the homepage: click here to see the student view

(2) Manage the homepage: this part allows you to rearrange the order of your themes and articles. You can change the order of the blocks that appear in the Front Office.

(3) Add a theme: create a theme (a category) for your articles

(4) Add an article: write an article

(5) Search bar: search for an article or topic within your resources

(6) Filter: select a curriculum to display all resources of a curriculum

(7) Details: click here to view details of an article or topic

(8) Edit : click here to edit the article or theme


By clicking on the theme, you will see articles related to this theme and whether they are active or not.

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