What events does the Newsletter advertise?

The automatic weekly newsletter shows the following events:

  • Private events (exclusive to your university)
    • All private events (created by your Career Center admins, co-organized or not with a company) that start and end in the next 15 days
    • OR if there are no private events in the next 15 days, the next private event 
  • Public events (created by companies (partners and non partners))
    • All public events starting in the next week
    • OR all public events with a registration end date in the next week
    • OR all public events that have been activated in the past week


Do pinned events still appear in the newsletter?

Pinned events still appear on the JobTeaser Front Office, but no longer in the newsletter. The aim of this revamp was to only display events in the near future, as well as to ensure that students would not receive the same events every week. You can use the editorial in the newsletter to push a later event if required. 





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