Choosing languages in the Appointment System module

It is possible to indicate in which language appointments are available during the creation of appointment types and advisors. 

Via the back-office, click on the Settings module then on "Advisors". Click on "Add an advisor". 



When you create an advisor, you can select the languages spoken by the advisor. These languages will be displayed on the student's view when they are looking for an appointment. 

Note that a student viewing only content in English will still see the advisors available only for English appointments. The languages of the advisor is just an indication, it doesn't restrict the visibility of the student.



Once the advisors have been created, it is possible to create appointments in multiple languages. Click on the Settings module, then on "Appointment Types". Click on "Add appointment type". If an appointment is offered in multiple languages, you can:

  • Either create one appointment type only in English
  • Either create an appointment type per language (in French, in English, etc.)

In the example above, two appointments have been created in English and two others in French. It is assumed that the appointments offered only in French are not targeted to Spanish students, for example. 


When the advisor fill in their availability, it is possible to select the type of appointments offered, the ones in English or / and French in the example above. 

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