Managing my appointments


The Appointment System module allows you to manage your individual appointments with a student. Once a student has made an appointment with you, you are notified of the appointment request by email. The appointment status is then set as "Pending" and you must accept the appointment to confirm it.

To accept/decline an appointment, select your name from the list and view the pending appointments in the "Appointment List" tab.

Click on the desired action (refuse/accept the appointment).




Then click on "Reject the Appointment" or "Accept the Appointment". You can also send a message to the student if you want. The student will be notified of the refusal or acceptance of the appointment.

You can also edit the appointment before accepting or rejecting it. The student will be informed of the changes.



Appointments can also be validated manually if you prefer. To do so, simply tick the appropriate box in your advisor profile (Settings >> Advisers).

Capture_d_e_cran_2020-12-23_a__11.36.54.pngIf you can no longer make it to the appointment, you can cancel it. Click on the cancel button and indicate the reason of the cancellation to the student. The student will be notified of the appointment cancellation.

A student can also cancel an appointment and you will be notified of this change.

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