Configuring the Appointment System module

Before using the Appointment System module and making it visible to students, you need to configure it. Follow these 3 steps in order to configure the appointment module:

  • Add Advisors
    • Go in the School Settings Module
    • Select "Advisors"
    • Click on "Add an advisor"
    • Select a Career Centre administrator and edit their profile.
    • Click on "Create Advisor"

      Note that if you work with external advisors, you can create a "Career Advisors" administrator profile so that they have a limited administrator access to the Appointments and Users modules.

  • Create types of appointments
    •  Go in School Settings Module
    • Select "Appointment Types"
    • Click on "Add an appointment type"
    • Complete the title and select the duration of the desired appointment type

      You can also decide to make the appointment type visible to only certain courses (you just have to enter it in the "Targeted Curriculum" field).

      You can also describe the suggested appointment. Click on "Create Appointment Type" in order to do this.

  • Add the Advisor Availabilities
    • Go in the Appointment Module
    • Click on the Availabilities calendar
    • Click on "Create availability"
    • Select the type of appointment
    • Choose the campus
    • Indicate the room
    • Set up the start time and end time
    • Set up the date and availability repetition
    • Click on "Create"

The availability created will be visible to the students who can make an appointment during that time slot.

At first, the Appointment System module is only activated on the administrator side to give you time for the configuration. Once the configuration is complete, we invite you to ask your JobTeaser contact to activate the module on the student side. From that moment on, students will be able to make an appointment with advisors.

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