Understanding the Appointment System module

This module was designed to manage booking appointments with advisors. This module allows you to manage your appointments, your calendar, your availability and communicate directly with students.

The Appointment System module is used in association with the School Settings and Users modules.

  • School Settings: this module allows you to add career advisors and create the types of appointments offered
  • Users: this module allows you to create an individualised follow-up about your students. You can see their appointments and add notes to their profile at the end of the appointment

Note that the Appointment System module is not activated in all Career Centers. If it is not activated in your Career Centre and you want to activate it, please ask your JobTeaser contact and consult the Configure Appointment System module page.


(1) Filter: select the advisor's name to view their appointment dashboard

(2) Appointments Calendar: view the advisor's appointments of the week

(3) Availabilities Calendar:  visualise and indicate the advisor's availabilities for the week

(4) Add an appointment: directly add an appointment to the agenda

(5) Export: generate an Excel export of the appointments

(6) Filter: Upcoming, completed, cancelled and rejected appointments

(7) Pending Appointment: view the appointments waiting for confirmation

(8) Accepted Appointments: display accepted appointments

You can also see all the messages that were exchanged between the student and the advisors and see the timeline of the actions (when the appointment was accepted, refused etc.). To do that, use the filter and select the type of appointment you want to view (completed or refused/cancelled). You then click on the name of the student to see the history conversation with the advisor. 

It is also possible to report an absence directly on the platform, in the event that either the student or the advisor did not show up to the appointment. You can do this by clicking on the corresponding line item when you filter on "Completed appointments". 

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