Student : I am not registered on the right course

When a student registers on the Career Centre, they must select a course. Once registered, they are able to change this course (except for very specific university) by going on their profile. 


Courses are useful to:

  • Have the most comprehensible profile possible (for the student)
  • Target content on specific courses (events, resources, jobs)
  • Have detailed statistics about the registered users

Please note that when alumni use the Career Center, it is important to create a specific "Alumni" course to separate them from students and offer them jobs with higher levels of experience. 


To configure Courses on your Career Centre, ask your JobTeaser contact.


Courses via SSO

If the students' courses are automatically sent via SSO and a student is not attached to the correct one, then please:

  1. Contact your IT Team to check out that your database is up to date and that the right value is sent out by the SSO
  2. If everything is right on your side, please contact our Support Team :
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