A student can no longer log in

Email address control

A student who can no longer log in is either using the wrong link or using wrong credentials :



Many reasons can explain why a student registered on the Career Centre is no longer allowed to log in:
  • They are no longer a student of your university and their email address has been removed from the Webservice
In this case, explain to the student that they are no longer allowed to access the Career Centre.
  • The student's email address was mistakenly removed from the Webservice
Contact your IT Team and ask them to re-add this student's email address to the Webservice.
  • The student changed their email address from their dashboard
Please contact our support team: support.careercenter@jobteaser.com



Ask the student to send you a screenshot with the following information:

  • The error message they receive
  • The URL of the page
  • The exact time of the connection attempt

Send this information to our Support team who will review it with your IT team: support.careercenter@jobteaser.com

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