GDPR: Understanding GDPR and how JobTeaser complies with it

We are proud to provide our students and partners with a platform that respects  Privacy By Design and strict principles of personal data protection.

JobTeaser is committed to respecting French and European regulations in terms of protection of personal data. This compliance is the result of work that started more than three years ago, carried out with a specialised law firm. During this work we analysed in detail our position, how we function and the most appropriate legal qualification for our platform.

JobTeaser is at the heart of an ecosystem that involves three types of stakeholders:
  • Our partner institutions
  • Our partner companies
  • Students and recent graduates

Within this ecosystem, these parties interact through JobTeaser only, each accepting our terms and conditions of use (available in three versions) and our privacy policy. This sets the framework for the data we process on the platform. We define the purposes of the processing, the types of data collected and the means by which we can implement it. JobTeaser is therefore responsible for processing the Career Center platform. This obviously does not affect the status of data controllers from institutions and from companies in regards to their own processing.

In particular, the transfer of data between JobTeaser and our partner institutions is carried out within the framework of the privacy policy, which governs the process. Institutions receive information from JobTeaser, and vice versa, in the case of SSO integration. There is therefore no subcontracting relationship but rather exchanges between controllers, governed by the agreement between JobTeaser and the establishment which specifies the responsibilities of each party.

As the data controller, we:
  • Respect French and European law, in particular with regard to the protection of personal data
  • Have declared a Data Protection Officer (Lancelot Ferrière)
  • Provide you with an email address where you can contact us directly:
  • Keep an up-to-date register of personal data processing operations
  • Have set up an GDPR Committee, as well as an internal GDPR compliance charter in order to ensure that all our teams are aware of the issues at stake
  • Conduct annual safety and GDPR compliance audits
  • Work continuously to improve our security practices, which we are committed to documenting in an Information Systems Security Policy
  • Work constantly on improving the information on our platform for people concerned, and in particular for our students and recent graduates
  • Will carry out in 2019 a privacy impact analysis of our processing operation
  • Evaluate our subcontractors on their GDPR compliance to ensure that our compliance extends to our partners

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