Using the Jobs tab of the Statistics module

The Jobs tab allows you to analyse the type of jobs posted on your Career Center and give you some leads for your meetings with your partner companies.


(1) Filters: a search bar is able to filter statistics on all jobs according to your own search criteria   

  • Companies: select an existing company on your Career Centre in order to get some statistics to use during your next meeting with partners.
  • Job categories
  • Industries 
  • Sources: get some statistics about jobs posted from a recruiter account (Company posting a manual job via your Jobs deposit form: School Job Poster), from a company account (Company creating a company page via your company creation form: Company Job Poster), etc.
  • Contract types
  • Locations
  • Tags
  • JobTeaser / Private jobs : get some statistics about your private jobs but also about JobTeaser Partners' jobs available on your Career Center.
  • Job ad created by alumni 
  • Experience levels

Once these filters are determined, click on "Filter" to apply these criteria.

(2) Export a company report: a company report allows you to do an export of essential information from your Statistics module based on filters you used. You can easily print this file as it is available in PDF.



You can find here a recap of all jobs published on your platform and their associated applications ("Unique application clicks"). 



You can visualise all jobs statistics based on your search: division by function, country, experience, private recruiters' contact, etc. You can also refine these different dashboards by time frame.




You can also choose to see the top 15 companies publishing the most jobs on your Career Centre as well as the recruiters' contact information (click on "Export as a CSV" to get your contacts exported).


You can view the jobs details in a certain time frame  (type of jobs, contract, country, unique views, unique application clicks, etc.). 

You can also see the "Jobs details over the period" section to work on job marketing: for example, if a job with many views only has a few applications, it could mean that the title is attractive but the description is unclear and not detailed enough. This can give you some leads for recommendations to give to a recruiter.

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