Getting familiar with the new statistics module (BETA version)

IMPORTANT: This document sums up everything you need to know about JobTeaser’s new statistics module.

This first release is a beta version that is still incomplete. Access is currently provided to 20 partner schools, which are part of a group of beta testers.

A second release is planned in September, in which all partner schools will have access to this new module. The module is only accessible in English for now, but will be translated in French and German in the September release.


With this new module, you will be able to address most of your operational needs related to the 4 following themes:

  • Activate your audience
  • Manage your company partners
  • Measure the impact of career services
  • Explore student preferences

For each of these 4 themes, the new statistics module aims at helping you make the most of your data, addressing a number of business cases. Here are some examples:


Theme Business Questions
Activate your audience

→ Who are the registered students in my CC? → How can I boost student registrations in my CC?

→ How do my enrolment campaigns perform? → How can I boost student activation in my CC?

→ How well do your students complete their profile to maximize their chances?

→ How do student activation features perform in your CC?

Manage your company partners

→ How do the job ads, events and employer branding contents posted by my company partners perform?

→ Are the job ads, events and other employer branding contents posted by my company partners reaching the right audience?

→ Which non-partner companies have the biggest audience in my Career Center and could become future partners of my institution?

Measure the impact of Career Services

→ What are the Career Services that are most/least used by students?

→ How do events impact student engagement?

→ How do appointments impact student engagement?

→ What are the best/worst performing resources contents?

Explore student preferences

→ What do the keywords searched reveal about your students’ preferences?

→ What are the search trends of your students?

→ On which functions, contract types, locations, industries, companies, etc are your students applying to?

→ Is there enough supply on the Career Center to address their needs?

→ When are students looking for jobs throughout the year?

→ Which types of contents are your students navigating at each time of the year?


This beta version (accessible to beta testers only) embarks 2 of these 4 main themes:

  • Explore student preferences
  • Manage your company partners (part I, with a focus on job ads)

The September release (accessible to all schools) will include:

  • Manage your company partners (part II, including data on events and employer branding contents)
  • Activate your students The December release (accessible to all schools) will include:
  • Measure the impact of Career Services


How to access the new statistics module?

When connected to your back-office, click on “Statistics”, then click on the “Beta version” toggle at the top right hand corner to switch from the current version of the statistics module to the new version.



A new user experience to navigate insights

You need some data to back a decision you need to make or to build a report you need to share within your institution or with your company partners? The design of this new module has been thought to make it easy for you to find the right dashboard that will help you in your quest !


A new tabs structure to navigate between dashboards

To navigate between tabs, we implemented built-in buttons that provide a better experience and design.

The module has 2 navigation levels:

  • Themes on the top bar: to switch between main themes
  • Tabs in the block below: to switch between use cases. Each tab is meant to deal with one precise use case and includes a short description

Capture d’écran 2024-06-10 à 16.13.43.png


New analytics features to navigate within dashboards

To ensure a more functional module, we added new tools to the module:

  • Filters

There are now 2 kinds of filters. The main ones at the top (identified by a black block on the left) are filtering the entire tab; the other ones (identified by a grey block on the left) are only filtering the views attached to the tab.

In several views, you can directly click on items to filter other views and get insights specifically about the item you clicked.

Capture d’écran 2024-06-10 à 16.16.42.png

  • Click actions

In several views, you can directly click on items to filter other views and get insights specifically about the item you clicked.


  • Customizable tops and order criteria:

In more lists, you can set the number of items you xant to see, and the criteria you want to order the table by.

Capture d’écran 2024-06-10 à 16.20.15.png

  • JobTeaser insights:

Rolling over this Insight section with your mouse will display some pieces of advice on how this data could be used in your operations.

Capture d’écran 2024-06-10 à 16.21.17.png

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