New student dashboard ๐ŸŽ‰

The new version of the student dashboard provides students with a more personalised experience and offers more visibility on the content that really matters. 


With the new dashboard they will have access to : 

  • A main section where they can see the most relevant content including the main upcoming event, their saved jobs, more company information and much more ! 
  • A section for managing their profile (search criteria, saved jobs, etc.) and ensure their info is updated.
  • A dedicated section to the career service for them to know more about the university partners, the career center, and useful links.

We also ensure that they're all set by suggesting the right action to perform according to their profile.

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Partner Companies

In the new evolution of the Student Dashboard, there is also a dedicated section to display the partner companies of your Career Center.

This section has different display rules put in place to ensure the system always and only displays relevant company information.

  1. If you have no Partnership Levels within your Career Center, the logos of the ten most recently edited companies are displayed. These logos will change order according to which companies have been recently edited within your platform.

In this case, the label will say โ€œJobTeaser partner companies".

  1. If you do have Partnership Levels within your Career Center, but none are applied to any company, then the Company Partners section will not be displayed at all.

  2. If you do have Partnership Levels within your Career Center and there are companies to which these levels are applied, then the Company Partners section will be displayed with the label โ€œName-of-your-Career-Center partner companies".

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