Understand the new study-level referential

What is the study-level referential?

The study level referential is the list of study-levels and diplomas that fit into each level by country where we have a significant footprint in Europe.


This referential has 2 levels of granularity:

  • A macro level of study levels that is used by companies and universities and that is common to all geographies
    • By companies: as a way for recruiters to target job ads to specific student populations
    • By universities : as a way to select only the job ads that are relevant for your students (e.g., to block vocational apprenticeship job ads if not relevant for your students). If a study level is not set up for your Career Center, your students won’t see any job ad categorized on this level. It is a HARD filter not visible by students, nor companies.
  • A micro level of diplomas that is used by students to specify the degree they are preparing and collected in the student profile during the onboarding. This micro level list differs from a country to another and there is no cross-geography correlation between elements of the micro list.


Why is it important to have a study-level referential?

The study level referential is important because the structure of the higher education system is different per country, and having a good referential helps both universities and students to feel that product is relevant / adapted to the local specificities of the market.


Where is the study-level referential used?

The macro-level is used in:

  • all the different job posting flows to qualify the targeted study level for a job ad → Multi-select up to 2 maximum, meaning that for a given job ad, a recruiter can select one or two different study-level in the macro list.
    • JobTeaser clients' back office
    • Universities' job posting flows : private recruiters/companyies and for you, as a Career Center administrator
  • as a specific configuration to fit with the University's needs. This needs to be set up by JobTeaser, so don't hesitate to reach out to your main contact if any change is needed. This will let through in the Career Center job ads that fit the selected levels.

💡 The accepted study levels of a University determine the visibility of the job ads in the Front Office. With the introduction of dual-selection in March 2024, the condition for a job ad to be posted in a Career Center is that the lowest study-level mentioned in the job ads has to be accepted by the University. There are two possible case:

  • If a job ad target 1 study level → It will be visible into schools having this study level accepted
  • If a job ad target 2 study levels → It will be visible into schools having at least the lowest study level of the 2 accepted
  • in the job search for students to filter the jobs: Students can select as many study-levels as they want in the search filters as long as these have been set up for the University (multi-select)
  • indirectly in the student profile, as the macro-level selected for the University restricts what can be selected by a student (Single select).

The micro-level is used in:

  • The student's onboarding flow. NB: If at least one micro level is checked, the macro level (parent) is considered as accepted for job ads.
    • IMPORTANT: The micro-level doesn’t impact the job ads visibility. Job ads remain on a MACRO level. Why? Because we can’t go into that micro detail with the recruiters and we want to maximize the visibility of the job ad.
  • The student profile: the information is collected during the onboarding flow (Single select)


Full study-level referential (macro and micro list)



🇫🇷 in french
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in english
(Flanders translation)
Pas de niveau prérequis No prequisite level Pas de niveau prérequis Geen voorkennis vereist Intet påkrævet uddannelsesniveau Kein Abschluss vorausgesetzt Nessun livello richiesto Geen voorkennis vereist Brak wymaganego poziomu Sem nível prévio exigido Sin nivel requerido Inget förkunskapskrav
Bac, Bac Pro, CAP, BEP Secondary education, High school level Enseignement secondaire, niveau lycée Secundair onderwijs / Middelbare school Sekundær uddannelse, gymnasialt niveau Schulabschluss Istruzione secondaria, livello scuola superiore Voortgezet onderwijs / Middelbare school edukacja na poziomie szkoły średniej Educação secundária, nível de ensino secundário Educación secundaria, nivel de instituto Gymnasieutbildning
Bac+2 Vocational, Under-bachelor, Short-cycle higher education level Formation professionnelle, Niveau d'enseignement supérieur de cycle court Hoger beroepsonderwijs Erhvervsakademiuddannelse Berufliche Hochschulausbildung, Allgemeine Hochschulreife Formazione professionale, Livello di istruzione superiore a ciclo breve Hoger beroepsonderwijs edukacja na poziomie szkoły zawodowej, szkoły pomaturalnej, studium Vocacional, Nível de ensino superior de curta duração Formación Profesional Grado Superior o equivalente Yrkes- och högskoleexamen
Bac+3, Bachelor Bachelor level or equivalent Niveau bachelier ou équivalen Bachelor-niveau of gelijkwaardig Bachelorniveau eller tilsvarende Bachelor-Niveau oder äquivalent Laurea triennale o equivalente Bachelor-niveau of gelijkwaardig poziom
licencjacki lub równoważny
Nível de licenciatura ou equivalente Nivel de grado o equivalente Kandidatexamen eller motsvarande
Master, MSc ou Programme Grande Ecole Master level or equivalent Niveau master ou équivalent Master-niveau of gelijkwaardig Kandidatniveau eller tilsvarende Master-Niveau oder äquivalent Laurea magistrale o equivalente Master-niveau of gelijkwaardig poziom
magisterski lub równoważny
Nível de mestrado ou equivalente Nivel de máster o equivalente Masterexamen eller motsvarande
Doctorat Doctorate, Phd level or equivalent Doctorat ou équivalent Doctoraat/PhD Doktorgrad, ph.d. eller tilsvarende Promotion Dottorato di ricerca, livello PhD o equivalente Doctoraat/PhD stopień
doktora lub równoważny
Doutoramento, nível de doutorado ou equivalente Doctorado, nivel de doctorado o equivalente Doktorsexamen, PhD eller motsvarande




France (French translation)

Belgium (Wallonie system)


(Flanders system)


(DK translation)

Denmark (English translation)



Netherlands (NL translation) Poland


Spain (Spanish translation)


(Swedish translation)


(English translation)



- Bac
- Bac Pro
- CAP 

- BEP 

- ASO (enseignement général)
- TSO (e
nseignement secondaire technique)
- BSO (enseignement professionnel)
- KSO (enseignement artistique)
- ASO (algemeen onderwijs)
- TSO (technisch onderwijs)
- BSO (beroepsonderwijs)
- KSO (kunstonderwijs)
- Erhvervsuddannelse/eux 
- Gymnasialuddannelse

- Vocational education & training 
- General upper secondary education
- Abitur
- Fachabitur
- Hauptschulabschluss
- Diploma di liceo (artistico, classico, delle scienze umane linguistico, musicale e coreutico, scientifico)
- Diploma di istituto tecnico
- Diploma di istituto professionale
- Mbo 
- Vmbo
- Vwo
- Havo
- Świadectwo dojrzałości / matura, dyplom szkoły policealnej  - Certificado de ensino secundário
- Certificado de qualificação profissional

- Bachillerato
- Formación profesional grado medio

- Högskoleförberedande gymnasieexamen
- Yrkesförberedande gymnasieexamen
- Higher education preparatory diploma
- Vocational education

- A-level / General certificate of education
- Level 3 / National extended diploma

- Secondary education, High school level
- BTS  - Associate degree  - Graduaatsopleiding / Associate degree  - Erhvervsakademiuddannelse - Professional academy degree - Ausbildung - Istruzione e formazione tecnica superiore (IFTS)
- Istituti tecnologici superiori (ITS Academy)
- Associate degree - Dyplom
szkoły średniej (tertiary vocational studies)
- Técnico superior profissional  - Formación profesional grado superior  - Högskoleexamen
- Konstnärlig högskoleexamen
- Yrkeshögskoleexamen
Kvalificerad yrkeshögskoleexamen (vocational)
- Higher education diploma
- Higher education diploma of Fine Art
- Higher vocational education diploma

- Advanced higher vocational education diploma 

- Foundation degrees
- Higher national diploma

- Under-bachelor, Vocational, Short-cycle higher education level
- Licence universitaire
- Licence pro

- Bachelor d’école de commerce
- Bachelor d’école d’ingénieur
- Bachelier / Bachelor
- Licence professionnelle

- Academische bachelor
- Professionele bachelor
- Bachelor
- Professionsbachelor
- Diplomingenjør
- Bachelor
- Professional bachelor
- Bachelor of engineering
- Bachelor
- Staatsexamen I
- Laurea triennale

- Universitaire bachelor / WO bachelor
Professionele bachelor / HBO bachelor
- Licencjat (Licentiate)
- Inżynier (Engineer)
- Licenciatura - Grado - Kandidatexamen
- Konstnärlig kandidatexamen
- Yrkesexamina
- Bachelor
- Bachelor of Fine Arts
- Professional qualifications
- Bachelor's degree
- Degree apprenticeship
- Graduate certificate / D

- Bachelor level or equivalent
- Master
- Master spécialisé
Programme Grande École

- Master
- Master spécialisé
- Master - Kandidat
- Master

- Industry master
- Master
- Staatsexamen II
- Laurea magistrale
- Laurea a ciclo unico
- Master universitario I livello
- Universitaire master / WO master
Professionele master / HBO master
- Magister (Master)
- Magister inżynier (Master of e
- Mestrado - Posgrado - Magisterexamen

- Konstnärlig magisterexamen

- Masterexamen
- Konstnärlig masterexamen
- Master (60 credits)
- Master of Fine Arts (60 credits)
- Master (120 credits)
- Master of Fine Arts (120 credits)
- Master’s degree
MSc / MA / MRes
- Postgraduate certificate / D
- Master level or equivalent
- Doctorat
- Post-doctorat
- Doctorat - Doctoraat - PhD - PhD - Promotion
- Post-doc
- Habilitation
- Dottorato di ricerca
- PhD
- Master u
niversitario II livello
- PhD
- Professional doctorate
- Doktor (PhD)
- Doktor habilitowany
- Doutoramento - Doctorado - Licentiatexamen
- Konstnärlig licentiatexamen
- Doktorsexamen
- Konstnärlig doktorsexamen
- Licentiate (Licentiatexamen)
- Licentiate (Konstnärlig licentiatexamen)
- Doctorate (Doktorsexamen)
- Doctorate (Konstnärlig doktorsexamen)
- PhD - Doctorate level or equivalent

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