Why is the open rate of my email campaign abnormally high?

You might have realised that your campaigns have amazing opening and click rates on their a few minutes only after sending the campaign.

Unfortunately, we are sorry to say that these data are actually not relevant...


What happens ? 

When the click rate is especially elevated, or when clicks occur in rapid succession or immediately after the email is delivered, this tends to be an indicator that the email is being reviewed by a filter. Inbox and spam filters verify that the links in the email are not fraudulent or malicious. These types of filters are especially common in more regulated mail servers like education, so it's not uncommon for this to happen in that sector. Concretely, if a campaign has astonishing stats, that means you have a spam mechanism that opens emails and click on links to checks if its a spam or not.


How to correct it?

Please add the sending email address in your allow-list in order to bypass the spam filter, it will always help.
The email address to whitelist is : permalink@communications.jobteaser.com

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