NEW ACADEMIC YEAR: How to use the back to school template?

To help you engage your students for the new academic year, JobTeaser created a dedicated template.

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Making the necessary changes to your template only takes a few seconds ! Integrating the permalink of your Career Center is an important modification that you will need to make, so that students can enter their information directly.



Step 1: Click on the email banner below the JobTeaser logo and replace "permalink" with the permalink of your Career Center. Don't forget to click on "Save".


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Step 2: Click on the button “Update my profile”.



Step 3: Replace “updatehere” with your Career Center’s permalink in: "".



Step 4: Don’t forget to delete (UPDATE YOUR LINK) marked in yellow from your button.


Step 5: Repeat these steps for the second button “Update your search criteria” (Screenshot 1) and "Connect to your Career Center" (Screenshot 2)


Screenshot 1


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Screenshot 2


Step 6: Click on “Save”.


Please keep in mind to send a test email to yourself before planning a campaign. Also test that all links are redirecting to the correct page.


Further information about the functionalities of the email campaigns module can be found in “How does the email campaigns module work?”.

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